3D Tours Goes Live

3D Tours News

All of our Matterport equipment has arrived in South Africa, our website is up and running, and 3D Tours is ready to create amazing virtual reality walkthroughs.

But this isn’t the virtual tour you have known before. It is an experience so immersive, so close to reality, that it feels like you are there. The level of detail, quality and interaction gives the same sense of the space, place and items occupying it as if you were exploring it physically.

Need to show a holiday house? Let your overseas buyers view it virtually. Want guests to upgrade their room? Let them see, in detail, what they can expect. Want to make your limited-period display last longer? Get it immortalised in 3D. Want to update your investors on a construction? Save them the trouble of travelling to the site. Need to redesign a space? Constantly have access to it through a 3D walkthrough.

If your customers can’t get there physically, we can get them there virtually.

By scanning real-world places, 3D Tours creates a digital version that can explored with desktop, tablet, mobile and VR glasses. This digital copy is so immersive that it satisfies the way the brain constructs its understanding of a space.

Soon, you will be able to explore any space, at any time, from anywhere. And 3D Tours will take you there.

Virtual tours are for anyone who constructs, upgrades, markets or communicates about physical places. Whether you are in hospitality and tourism; property development and construction; real estate and rentals; interior design and shop fittings; museums, galleries and restaurants - 3D tours is a great way to make things easier and more convenient for you and your customer.

Not only does 3D Tours intend to make virtual reality walkthroughs accessible to every industry and viewer exploring southern Africa, but we will be doing it with unbeatable client service that is fast, friendly and efficient.

So, on behalf of Richard, Andrew and Danae, we can’t wait to get started on creating 3D tours for you.

For more information visit www.3dtours.co.za. Or contact us on info@3dtours.co.za