Make it Easy for Customers to Buy from you with 3D Tours

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Virtual reality will be the way that the next generation interacts with spaces and places around the world.  It is not a gimmick technology that will fade out.  It is here to stay.  And one day, it will be a must, rather than an optional extra.  Brands that want to be seen as progressive, tech-savvy and forward-thinking will be the first amongst their competitors to utilise virtual reality to capture their customer base.

But the real benefit for companies that implement these 3D walkthrough tours, will be the ease with which it allows your customers to buy from you.  And removing any obstacles to purchase is good for business.

Here are four reasons why offering 3D tours of your space will make it easier to convert customers:

A faster, more convenient way to interact with your customer

Time. The one thing no-one has enough of and everyone wants more of.  So, when you can save your customers some of their valuable time, you become a more attractive option to them than your competitors.  Instead of arranging a time to meet your customers at a specific location, so you can spend an hour or two walking through the place and telling them information about what they are seeing, rather send them a link to the virtual version.  With a 3D walkthrough, they can explore and navigate the space in their own time, without getting up from their desk, and click on the multi-media tags to get all the information they need.  They could even view a few places in the time it would normally take them to travel to one.  Virtual reality will make interacting with you and your space faster and more convenient for the customer.  Which will ensure that dealing with you is their most viable and time-saving option.

Give customers confidence in you

You want your customers to have confidence in you.  Once you have got them through the door (or to purchase your product or service) and they are happy with what they have received, they are far more likely to return to you, rather than your competition who they have not tried before.  But it is getting them through the door that first time that is often the most difficult.  But with a 3D tour, your customers can now walk through that door virtually.  Here, they can explore what you have on offer before spending their money, giving them greater confidence in you and making them more ready to purchase from you.

Customer expectation and satisfaction

Online browsers have to make decisions based on a few photos, a written description and maybe a review.  But what they see online and what exits in reality can be very different.  If a customer was expecting one thing and ends up getting another, they will let you know how unhappy they are.  Allowing them to virtually tour a space, with a level of reality that is life-like, will lead them to build accurate expectations of what they are paying for.  And when they know what they are getting and get what they expect, they are a satisfied customer.

Expand your location reach

More and more, business is becoming global.  Customers, suppliers and partners live in different cities all over the world, as we have the online tools to work seamlessly together.  A 3D virtual tour is another such tool.  It allows you to share any real-world place with anyone, whatever their location.  And as it is far more immersive than video or photos, it will give them an accurate sense of a place.  So much so, that they can make decisions based on what they have virtually explored.

A virtual reality walkthrough provides your customers with the assurance that your main priority is to make their lives easier.  And when you do that, you don’t just become the better purchase option for your customers, you become the better lifestyle option.

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