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Johannesburg, Gauteng 29 January 2018 - Virtual reality is not a new concept, but the applications of this technology has not yet been fully utilised by the South African market.

“With the pace at which 3D technology is developing, we believe that virtual tours will one day be the means through which people will experience places and spaces all around the world,” says Andrew Larsen, Director of 3D Tours.

For many, a virtual or 3D tour may still mean a video that turns 360 degrees or is a rendered artistic impression of a future building. But virtual reality can offer so much more than this. “The 3D tours that we create are of real world spaces,” explains Larsen. “And are so realistic that they satisfy the way that the brain constructs its understanding of the space.” He also goes on to say that viewers can navigate the space that they are exploring, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

The technology works by scanning every inch of a place and then using software that creates a digital replica. Larsen adds: “The Matterport technology we use doesn’t allow you to edit or grade the colour. What is there in reality is there in the digital version, making it truly virtual reality.” 3D spaces can be explored online from desktops, tablets and mobile devices, making them user-friendly and accessible.

The benefits of 3D tours are for anyone who needs to market or communicate about a real-world space. Hotels, venues, museums or property brokers can allow customers to explore their space digitally. Or interior designers could create a virtual 3D tour portfolio, while construction developers can record or exhibit a work-in-progress. “3D tours will open up the possibility to explore any place, from anywhere,” concludes Larsen.
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3D Tours creates realistic experiences that go beyond just a 3D model or virtual tour. With 3D Tours, you can immerse yourself in an interactive virtual space that feels as real as being there. Johannesburg based, we operate throughout Southern Africa and serve anyone who markets, constructs, alters or communicates about real-world spaces and places. To find out more visit or email